Companies Represented

ASCO Power Technologies

Transfer Switches
Mechanically Held Contactors
Paralleling Switchgear
Value Added Transfer Switches
ASCO Services, Inc.
  • Automatic & Manual Transfer Switches - For Residential, Commercial and Industrial Applications. Open Transition, Delayed Transition, Bypass Isolation, Closed Transition, Soft Load, Service Entrance Rated, Special Transfer Applications.
  • Medium Voltage Transfer Switches with Communication Capability.
  • Paralleling Switchgear:
    Low Voltage SYNCHROPOWER® Systems, Medium Voltage SYNCHROPOWER® Systems, 4000 Series Digital Generator Paralleling Control Switchgear,
  • Value Added Transfer Switches:
    Transfer Switch with Distribution System, Two and Three Source Automatic Transfer Systems, ATS Switchboards.
  • Lighting Contactors and Remote Control Contactors:
  • Surge Suppressors (TVSS)
  • ASCO Connectivity Solutions;
    PowerQuest Power Monitoring and Control Systems.
    ATS Remote Annunciators
  • ASCO Services:
    Modification and Upgrades to Existing Equipment, Emergency Service, Startup Service and Preventive Maintenance Programs

Division of Emerson Network Power

AC Loadbanks, DC Loadbanks and Resistors
  • Load Banks and Power Resistors
    Portable, Permanent Resistive and Reactive Load Banks Radiator Load Banks, Trailer Mounted Load Banks, 50Hz Load Banks, DC Load Banks, Froment Load Banks and Power Resistors.

Industrial Products Group
  • Electrical Safety Products
    Ground Fault Relays; Ground Fault Location Systems; Portable Ground Fault Locators' On-Line and Off-Line Insulation
    Monitors; Low Voltage Protective Relays; and Residual Current Monitoring

  • Power Conditioning and Power Purification Systems, Voltage Regulators, Isolation Transformers, Power Conditioners, Single Phase Ferroresonant UPS, DC Powered MRI Suite Lighting, Power Regulating Equipment for Medical Applications, Lighting Inverters and DC Power Systems

  • Surge Protection Devices - Parallel Devices for First-Line Defense for Protection of Electrical Equipment.
  • 570 Series Hybrid Design - Design-375KA per Mode-750KA per Phase.
  • 560 Series Modular Design - Design-160KA to 1000KA per Phase.
  • 510 Series Modular or Non-Modular Design - 250KA per Mode or 500KA per Phase.
  • 420 Series - 50KA per Mode or 100KA per Phase.
  • 330 Series - 80KA per Mode or 160KA per Phase.
  • 320 Series - 25KA per Mode or 50KA per Phase.

  • Resistors - Power Resistors;
  • Motor Control Equipment - Crane Controls, Magnet Controls (AC & DC Power Supply)
  • Switches - Knife Switch, Master Switch and Joystick Controls; Bolted Pressure Switches; and High Current DB Switches
  • Panelboards - Special NTCII Distribution Panel Switch and Fuse Power that requires Faster Circuit Interruptions than standard magnetic breakers. This Panel provides a switching device and protection by fast acting fuses.


Fire Pump Controllers and
Industrial Drive Systems
  • Fire Pump Electric Controllers - AC Controllers from 120 Volts to 7200 Volts - Full Voltage, Wye-Delta, Autotransformer Part Winding, VFD and Solid State Soft Start Applications.
    Limited Service Electric Fire Pump Controllers
  • Diesel Engine Controllers for 12 & 24 Volt Start, Class 1, Div 2 Diesel Engine Controllers
  • Jockey Pumps
  • Separately Mounted ATS for Fire Pump Controllers

GILBERT Electrical Systems

MV Power Factor Correction Capacitors
  • Special Customized Electrical Equipment, Turn-key Industrial Packages, Metal-enclosed Assemblies, Capacitor Assemblies, Primary Switchgear, Harmonic Filter Applications, and Harmonic/ Power Factor Correction Studies.


Medical Division of BENDER, INC.
Isolated Power Centers
  • Isolated Power Systems and Accessories for Operating Rooms. Including Surgery, X-Ray, and Laser Applications. Power and Ground Modules, Patient Service Consoles, Line Isolation Monitors and Remote Indicators. Digital Clock/Elapsed Timers and Test Equipment.


DC Power Supplies
  • Engineering Power Conversion Solutions: Rectifiers, Power Supply, Field Excitation Systems, Cranes, Magnets, Elevators, Transit and DC Substations.


  • Engineered Cable System Reliable, Cost-effective, Flexible and Maintenance Free Alternative for Power
    Distribution Feeder Systems. Voltages from 600V - 69kV. Ampacity from 1000A - 8000A. Indoor and Outdoor Applications.


Dry-Type & Special Transformers including Reactors & Switchgear
  • Conventional Dry Type Transformers, from 5 VA to 10,000 KVA and Voltage Classes Through 35 KV.
  • Encapsulated (Silica / Resin) Transformers to 500 KVA with or without 316 Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Substation Transformers to 10,000 KVA - VPI
  • Hazardous Location Transformers - Class 1, Div 2
  • 316 Stainless Steel - UL Listed to 150 KVA
  • K-Factor and Harmonic Mitigating Transformers
  • Drive Isolation Transformers
  • Cast Coil Transformers
  • Pad Mounted Transformers UL Listed to 5000 KVA
  • Motor Starting Auto Transformers
  • Current Limiting Reactors and AC Reactors
  • Load Interrupter Switches & Switchgear


Formerly. TYCO Thermal Controls
Mineral Insulated Cable (MI Cable)
Fire Rated Cables
  • Fire Resistive Electrical Cables & Components System 1850 MI Cable, UL LISTED for 2-Hour rating for Critical and Essential Circuit Protection. Fire Pump and Service Entrance System 1850SE CI Electrical Circuit Protective System as referred to in Articles 695 and 700 of NEC applications. (Pyrotenax®)


Harmonic Mitigating & Energy Efficient Transformers
  • Power Quality International is uniquely qualified to assist facility owners, managers, and engineering professionals with optimising their power systems to improve efficiency and reduce power system related failures. We've been providing these engineered solutions for more than 40 years.


Explosion Proof Heaters / UL Listed
  • UL Listed Explosion Proof Heaters, Class I, Div. 1 & 2, Class II, Div. 2; Explosion Proof Electric Air Heaters, Explosion Proof Heat Exchanger Units - Steam or Fluids, Explosion Proof Thermostats


High Voltage Pad Mounted Equipment
  • High Voltage Padmounted Equipment Padmounted Loadbreak Awitchgear, Padmounted Fuse Gear, Padmounted Switch & Fuse Gear, Padmounted Capacitor Banks, Substation Capacitor Banks, Pole-Line Capacitor Banks, Specialty Cabanets, Pole Line Hardware.


Cast Junction Boxes
  • Cast Iron and Aluminum Junction Boxes; Expansion Fittings, and Pull Boxes


Power Quality and Voltage Control
  • Reactive Power & Harmonic CompensationVoltage Ratings from 240 to 600 VAC, MV Fixed or Automatically Switched Systems, Harmonic Filtering for Optimum Power Quality, Small Footprint with Maximum KVAR, Standard Off-The-Shelf Units and Specification Designed. Sizes from 50 to 2,400 KVAR, with up to 800 KVAR in Individual Units.


UPS Systems & Surge Protection
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems Single Phase and Three Phase. 1 - 18 KVA Single Phase On-Line UPS 1.5 - 2 KVA Single Phase Rack Mount On-Line UPS15 - 3000 KVA Three Phase On-Line UPS

TRYSTAR Cable & Power Solutions
  • Generator Docking Stations for Safe and Easy Connection for Generator Power - Up to 4000 Amps
  • Rotary Generator Docking Stations.
  • Dual & Single Kirk-Key Generator Docking Stations
  • Portable Power Cable and Connection Devices


Solid State & Rotary Frequency Converters
50/60 Hz to 400 Hz
50 Hz to 60 Hz or 60 Hz to 50 Hz
  • Motor-Generator Set Frequency Converters Units 6 to 2000 KVA with Outputs of 400Hz, 60 Hz, or 50 Hz
    Solid State Single Phase - 1 KVA to 20 KVA
    Solid State Three Phase - 10 KVA to 320 KVA


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